Friday, 19 May 2017

Chauffeur Service for Private Jets and Helicopter Charter

“For reasons other than transportation.”

The chauffeur has always been a sign of convenience, luxury, and prestige, often one that remained inaccessible to the population at large. This proved doubly so for perceived high-class services like a chauffeur service for private jets and luxury helicopters in the tri-state area. While being able to hire a regular limousine service was certainly a marker of a remarkable lifestyle, being able to partake in these services for air transport proved to be a sign of the genuine elite.

One might surmise that perhaps air transport was indeed not just the most prestigious means of getting from Point A to Point B in the greater metropolitan area, it would also prove the fastest as it bypasses local congestion and issues such as noise, pollution and peak hour traffic. Historically, this was only made possible for those who were able to house their own vehicles, in this case, private jets and helicopters. In addition to the space and resources needed to keep, maintain and operate these vehicles, the drivers would need to be held as part of their full-time staff. This was to be seen, for an extended period, as the primary way to maintain exclusivity, loyalty and immediate convenience.

As with all things, economic progress and technological advancement have made a notable impact on the industry. There has been an increase in curiosity for alternatives to the classic model of stabling one’s fleet and drivers, and this begins to open up the possibility of luxury travel to a much broader base.

One way in which this happened is through outsourcing ownership of vehicles and hiring of drivers to quality companies to reduce cost. Even companies that own, manage and operate their assets started to offer models based on fractional ownership, as well as began to open the market for corporate clientele. As the reaches of luxury transport models, such as private planes and helicopters, began a new era of accessibility, traditional ground services, such as limo services, started to see large market growth.

With ground-based transport, for obvious reasons, being the most accessible to the growing middle-class of the past decades, clients began to demand quality services to match their high standards; even the upwardly-mobile started to consider chauffeur services as a realistic and prestigious alternative to typical transportation practices.

Now that there are a number of reputable companies offering luxury rental services to affluent clientele for both corporate and leisure travel, what are the benefits for choosing limo service over more conventional travel methods?

●    Dependability and accuracy. The tri-state area, in a way which separates it from most of the world’s great cities, does not allow for conventional taxis to be ordered ahead of time. Choosing a vetted limousine service with a trusted company, as well as their black car services, allows for clients to know when their car will arrive as well as what kind of vehicle will be waiting. Selecting a prearranged service gives clients peace of mind and confidence in their choice.

●    Dependability and comfort. Chauffeur services, such as those offered here at Bermuda Limousine International, offer a dependable and vetted amenity that caters to the needs of individual clients. Whether the need is for a stretch limo, a club van or luxury coaches, there will always be an option to suit. Every car arrives promptly and with the highest degree of customer service included as standard.

●    Vetted drivers. The great leaps that have taken in the industry have allowed clients to rest assured, even when with a driver not employed by themselves, involve the rigorous hiring standards maintained by companies such as Bermuda. Hiring a driver is a matter of trust, safety, and dependability, and regular options such as taxi cabs and Uber cannot provide the same level of security our customers expect and deserve.

●    Luxury. While the necessity to stable one’s own vehicles may be a thing of the past, a desire for taste, respect for tradition and the esteem of prestige will never pass away – all of which can most certainly be maintained even as one travels through the tri-state area. With elegant vehicles, roomy interiors, and quality CHAUFFEURS, Bermuda Limousine International provides everything necessary for inter-city transport and transfers.

With the increased accessibility of premium vehicles and services, this top of the line style is now open to all.

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Monday, 15 May 2017

Several Benefits of a Luxury Chauffeur Service - Luxury Base compared to Black Car, Livery, and Uber services

Choosing which type of service is needed to transport you for either business or pleasure can be a tricky decision, especially when there are so many choices. Each type of transportation service has its own benefits, and whether you live in an urban or rural environment, there is a service to suit your needs. Here we’ll compare the services offered to commuting customers by the likes of Uber, black car services, livery car services and luxury chauffeur service.

Luxury Base Chauffeur

A luxury base chauffeur service is by far the most professional outfit around when it comes to transportation, especially when it comes to living in a big city like New York. This type of service more than likely owns a garage base and the entirety of the fleet is owned and maintained by the company.

Each of the vehicles is emblazoned with the company’s emblems and vanity plates for that extra professional look and feel compared to other transportation services. This type of outfit also ensures that the highest levels of insurance are sought for each vehicle in the fleet, not just the bare minimum.

Chauffeurs report to work at the base and are assigned vehicles and jobs throughout the day. Professional chauffeurs prefer this style of service over the others due to higher wages and tips, quality of vehicles, and ability to serve affluent clientele. Chauffeurs in the company are uniformed with the company’s emblazoned logo.  A luxury base chauffeur is considered the most professional and knowledgeable and this is what truly separates a luxury base company from everyone else.

Black Car Service

Black car services do offer a much higher quality of transportation than the likes of Uber, but again it can be hit and miss when it comes to your ‘driver’ as opposed to the vetted ‘chauffeur that a luxury service offers. The cars are often neglected as there is no central system to keep check of all the drivers and the condition of the vehicles.

Black car companies can offer a wide range of vehicles, but because many of the classier types of vehicle such as the limousine are only requested seasonally- for example, wine tours and proms, the company is forced to keep older vehicles for years down the line. This reflects poorly on the service, and many of the drivers may even be part-time, serving as firemen for some of the week when business is quiet.

Uber Service

An Uber service is similar to a taxi rank or company in that it provides an on-demand transportation service. Uber drivers own their own car and anybody can register to be a driver, it’s a real mixed bag, and you will never know who you’re going to get.

The state of the vehicle is another issue to take into consideration, as there is no external vetting of the vehicles interior or on-hand mechanic. Drivers and customers can leave a short review after using a service like Uber or Lyft, but this is no guarantee of a quality service for a particular trip on the day you use it.

Livery Service

Livery is a term used for a chauffeur service which dates back to the time horses drew carriages- coming from the livery stable. It is a rented vehicle service, however, the driver does not own the vehicle they are driving. There is much less quality control with this type of livery service, as the driver does not bear the responsibility to maintain the vehicle they are renting.

Benefits of a Luxury Limousine Service
  •  Compared to the other forms of service, a luxury chauffeur service stands above the crowd in more ways than one. Not only does it benefit from having the most up-to-date vehicles on the market, but these vehicles are also kept in the best condition possible.
  • Luxury limousine service in New York and other major cities know that they have to be at the top of their game, transporting celebrities and high-profile business figures who expect the best- they won’t be opting for an unsafe Uber like the majority.
  • You won’t find a luxury limousine driven by just anybody wearing whatever suits them; you benefit from a wealth of driving experience, proper vetting and a desire to please at every turn.
  • All vehicles in the fleet can easily be maintained from the same location by a team of dedicated mechanics and attendants. Every car that leaves from this luxury base chauffeur service is guaranteed to be in top condition, maintained to a high standard.

So if you want to travel in style, in safe and enjoyable surroundings trust a luxury base chauffeur service like Bermuda Limousine International to provide you just that. It’s not always about simply getting from A to B, and many of our customers choose us for reasons other than transportation.

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Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The difference between a Black Car Service and a Luxury Chauffeur Service

Anyone who has ever used a car service to take them somewhere in style will quickly tell you that there is a huge difference between what is known as a Black Car Service and a Luxury Chauffeur Service. While both of these services have similar purposes, the standards that each aspires to are clearly distinctive. The differences between the two services can be seen at almost every level.

The cars and drivers are always the first aspects of car services that people see, and there is no comparison between Black Car and Chauffeur Services when it comes to professionalism and quality. Another noticeable difference is in the individuals who choose the two services. People who know quality and service will almost always go with the chauffeur service.

The differences that are not immediately evident based on appearance are even more important to consider when selecting a car service. Things like backup cars and drivers in case of problems, levels of experience and professionalism in the drivers, types of insurance coverage, and many others help put the Luxury Chauffeur services in a class of their own.

Personal Safety

Safety and security are among the greatest concerns coming from responsible passengers, and there are some very significant differences in what the two types of services offer that should be taken into account when choosing a chauffeur or car service.

When it comes to the traditional Black Car service, the cars do not belong to the company dispatching them. This means that health of the vehicles are generally not monitored as closely as they should be and the insurance that drivers have is dependent on the whims of the drivers. As these types of drivers work on a per-job basis, many of them opt for the cheapest options available for both maintenance needs and insurance packages leaving the passengers at a higher level of risk.

Chauffeur services have much stricter guidelines when it comes to safety. For example, the minimum liability insurance for a chauffeur service is 5MM, whereas the lowest requirement for a Black Car service is only 1MM.

Car Quality Matters

The cars that come with black car services make up a broad mix of standard vehicles. These cars are generally owned and operated by the drivers themselves. Even at the best of times, these cars are usually older vehicles which are not adequately maintained. The options that passengers are left with as a result are quite limited.

The fleets belonging to luxury chauffeur services, on the other hand, are all maintained by the company providing the service. Since the chauffeur service owns the cars, the company can apply standards for their fleet. This ability leads to newer cars with the latest technology, cars meticulously cared for regarding operation and looks, as well as a greater variety of models and sizes. What does all of this mean for the passengers? They have more choices which are more dependable because in-house personnel regularly monitor them.

The Right Drivers Make All The Difference

When choosing a car service, the driver that comes with the car is just as important as the car itself. This is where the chauffeur services shine. Drivers working for the more professional car services undergo more training, better licensing, more experience, and offer their passengers more in terms of services.
In comparison to black car services, the drivers who work for the chauffeur services are always reliable and punctual, they are dressed in uniform, and have plenty of experience when it comes to every aspect of the job. These drivers can turn an ordinary transportation experience into a journey fit for the elite which is why their clientele are of the more prestigious individuals who understand the finer things in life.

Why Luxury Chauffeur Services?

A Black Car Service and Luxury Chauffeur Service are both viable options when it comes to getting people to point B, but the style by which they each achieve their goal is worlds apart. The level of service is also not comparable between the two as only the chauffeur service is capable of providing the kind of top-notch experience that discerning people desire.

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Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Is a Limo Service a Thing of the Past?

Limousines have always conjured up images of elegance, style, wealth and sophistication in the modern world, and are still selected by customers today to portray the same qualities. However, many companies specializing in vehicle rental have begun to neglect the traditional limousine in favor of fleets stocked with sedans, vans and SUVs instead. This is a real shame because even though these new-fangled vehicles are shiny and have immaculate interiors, they can often lack the character and charm associated with a stretch limousine.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find a limo rental company that boasts a well-maintained fleet of pristine modern limousines. Limousines found the height of their fame in the late 1970s and were the go-to vehicle for star-studded events in addition to corporate business meetings, but they faced a decline when town cars increased in popularity for day-to-day transportation. Town cars were sleek and well-defined which echoed the luxury that a limousine brought to its customer in a smaller package. Limos slowly started to take a back seat and were requested less often, but having said that, the best limousine services were reserved only for the most special of events and so retained their glamour and exclusivity.

Competition from Town Cars and SUVs

Even though town cars steadily gained an appealing reputation over the traditional limo, exuding prosperity and class, they too were soon to be replaced in popularity by a vehicle that just about every exclusive limo service company offers- the SUV. The SUV is a popular and trendy choice with a younger market than the town car and limo, but now that many millions of Americans are driving these daily anyway they have somewhat lost their exclusiveness. The Cadillac Escalade and the Lincoln Navigator are just two particularly sweet rides that are sure to be requested for many years to come by customers thanks to the space, smoothness and luxury that they give in unending measure. These larger vehicles tower over limos and town cars and have a special place in the hearts of many travellers who are looking for extra comfort in these inimitable vehicles.

When it comes to finding a limo rental service for your big event, having to search around different companies to see which types of stretch limousines they offer can be a real drag. Due to the fact that not many limousines are produced each year many companies will often hang on to older versions that need frequent repairs and have a less than desirable interior. One tasteful limousine you can always count on is the 2015 Lincoln MKT, although there aren’t that many transportation companies that push the boat out and add one of these stunning models to their fleet. This 3.7ltr beast is a classically styled all-wheel drive and sports a V6 engine, perfect for a night out with friends or business associates. It is equipped with all of the latest safety equipment plus a large seating area and entertainment center. Some Limousine service companies have even taken the extra step to add a miniature wireless WiFi routerto their vehicles in the fleet to give business customers access to free, fast WiFi when on the move.

Limos for Weddings

Limo rental may be showing signs of decline over the past few years when it comes to general daily transportation, but when it comes to upbeat and contemporary wedding preparations a limousine is definitely still on the agenda. Limousines are undoubtedly the most spectacular way to arrive in style at your wedding with your friends, family, bridesmaids or groomsmen in tow. It’s clear that Sprinter vans and luxury sedans are finding their place onto the wedding scene, but no other vehicle can get the party atmosphere started for the most special of days in the same way as a limousine can.

The Future of Limos

There is something special about limousines that can’t be done away with overnight, and their unique style and charm will ensure that stretch vehicles will carry on being requested for decades. The traditional limousine has already been transformed in scope when it was blended together with the Hummer, creating the famous Hummer Limo- and later the SUV Limo. This vehicle format took the limousine to the next level, decking it out with plush and spacious seating areas, flatscreen televisions and even Jacuzzis in some custom models. This large and luxurious vehicle has reinvented the way the world looks at limousines and their star potential, so you can bet the limo is set to be reinvented yet again many more times over down the line.

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Wednesday, 8 March 2017

The Rise and Fall of the Stretch Limousine

Limousines have always held a special place in the hearts and minds of the American public since their inception in the early 20th century. Limousines are a type of stretched saloon car, or a luxury sedan, with a wheelbase and bodywork which has been extended to accommodate more passengers and give them more freedom inside when travelling. The growth of the stretch limo service business really came in the late 70s and early 80s, and became a true status symbol for the new-money types who attended glamorous events in these over-exaggerated cars. Film stars, musical artists and high-powered executives would often be chauffeured to various places in style as they enjoyed the money they were earning.

The Crash of ‘87

The limousine dominated the luxury car chauffeur service industry for decades, however it did start to decline in the late 80s, particularly due to the market crash of ’87 when things took a downward spiral. The American economy slowly began to dissipate, Wall Street executives and bankers were laid off by the thousands and real estate was largely depressed. All of this worked together against the limousine market and people were less eager to reach into their pockets to splash out on such a luxury mode of travel. Due to this the limousine industry took a hit, and sales dropped successively year after year, especially for those who converted Lincolns and Cadillacs into the stretched types.

In all of the major US cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago, the demand was greatly reduced. Businesses like the ATC went bankrupt within a short space of time, and others such as Dillinger-Gaines were noticeably shaken by the decline, but diversified rather than folding completely. In the early 90s around 5,800 limos were being produced in the US, down almost 1,200 from a decade earlier.

From Town Car to SUV

After the general limo service took a nose dive and the market recovered eventually, town cars became a more popular option. They were not as flashy or as extravagant as a stretch limo, however they did have an elegance and charm all of their own. Businessmen loved to be driven in a Lincoln town car as it added a great deal more professionalism to their outfit, especially when schmoozing potential clients.

Slowly but surelythe town car became the vehicle of choice for celebrities and city workers; they too began to be fitted with the upmarket technologies often associated with the original limousine. However, in 2011 it was announced that such town cars by Lincoln were no longer in the production cue, most probably thanks to the advent of a new and exciting range of vehicles known as SUVs, or sport utility vehicle.

Town cars became more streamlined and sexy in the early 2000s, with cars such as Cadillac Escalade and Chevrolet Suburban making an appearance on the scene, as well as Mercedes S classes which were sedans built specifically for luxury travel. However, when SUVs like the Ford Flex were released they took over the image of what we think of as a luxury vehicle- and how it doesn’t always have to be a small traditional car that transports us in style.

In 2015 SUV sales were up a large percentage to 32,000, and are now sitting at over 37,000 in 2017. This upward trend has been growing year on year, and now you can buy a variety of SUVs in small, medium or large styles- the ‘over $100k’ market in SUV has grown more than 130% in recent years. SUVs offer drivers both personally and commercially a number of advantages, such as safety in a crash and the extended view of the road.

A New Breed of Luxury Travel

The Navigator was one of the first, in addition to the Mercedes M-Class, that changed the face of luxury SUV travel as an alternative to a limousine service or traditional town cars. After this came the Escalade and the Infiniti, both of which were favoured more highly than long limousines. However, the luxury sedan isn’t quite dead yet, it still has a pulse and now is bought by gentlemen who like a bit of traditional class. The SUV is by far the coolest choice in this day and age, and chauffeur services are adapting to the change well, adding a whole host of them to their offerings, even opting for upgraded models with added luxury.

The limousine service as we know it is slowly dying out, however it is often called for on stag and hen parties, not to mention weddings and very special events such as high school prom nights. The functionality of the size has been called into question and been found wanting, and now the limo is a shadow of its former self yet still pulled out of the closet for the most special moments in our lives thanks to its timeless style and charm.

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Thursday, 16 February 2017

When should you use a Professional Chauffeured Car Service in NYC?

Car service in NYC

It’s a well-known fact that New York offers its visitors an experience like nowhere else in America, or indeed the world. It is a vibrant and buzzing modern city packed with museums, restaurants and famous landmarks for you to discover day and night. Finding your way around in this sprawling city can be a real headache if you’re a tourist, or even a resident, not only because of the traffic but also because of the street layout. You can easily get lost when walking or hiring a car, so we are pleased to offer our chauffeured car service in NYC to get you where you need to be in style. We have a range of quality vehicles at affordable prices which can be hired for as much or as little time as you require. All of our vehicles are chauffeured by a professional driver so you can sit back, enjoy the ride and take in the sights and sounds of this magnificent metropolis.
Benefits of using a Chauffeured Service in NYC
  •          Convenient in a city where traffic congestion is high at all times of the day
  •          All of our driver’s credentials and experience are verified
  •          Taxis in the city are often overpriced and unhygienic
  •          Gives a great impression to corporate clients
  •          You don’t have to spend time flagging down a cab
  •          You won’t have the hassle of finding a parking space or paying tolls
  •          Punctual service, getting you where you need to be on time

Airport Transportation

Getting organized for a plane trip can be stressful, and whether you’re flying from JFK, La Guardia or Newark International we have the perfect way to alleviate your travelling tensions. Booking a taxi for the time you need it or jumping on public transport is often a frustrating experience, but a simple call to our NYC chauffeur vehicles service can give you the peace of mind you need to travel in style to the airport for your flight. We can pick you up from the airport too and take you safely to your home or place of work in a flash.

Executive Transportation

When you have had a stressful day at the office in one of the busiest business cities in the world, there’s nothing better than stepping inside one of our clean and fresh chauffeured cars and letting us do the hard work of navigating you back to your building. You can make use of the chauffeured car service in NYC morning or evening, plus it can take you to various meeting and offices around the city in style. Having a chauffeur lets you concentrate on your business, allowing you to read or make calls in transit without worrying about traffic.

Corporate Events

When it comes to business your company’s image plays a huge role in impressing potential buyers, investors and influencing deals. If somebody is coming to visit your company office for a meeting, ensure that they’re treated with dignity and respect from the start by hiring us, a capable and efficient NYC chauffeur vehicles service, to create the best impression possible. Once your client or associate has been collected, they will soon experience the amount of effort and dedication that has gone into their visit to your company or event and appreciate it. Our chauffeur can pick up from a location in the city or from one of the airports which serves New York for clients flying in on domestic or international flights.


Arrive at your wedding in style with a professional and elegant chauffeured car service in NYC. Our range of vehicles can be booked in advance to transport you and your guests to and from your wedding destination. We function within the city itself and wedding destinations in locations such as Brooklyn, Montauk and Long Beach. Choose from a number of sophisticated makes and models to ensure your wedding transport goes off without a hitch for your guests, or simply hire one for the bride and her bridesmaids to give her the luxury and comfort she deserves on the most special day of her life.

So whatever your transport needs are in the Big Apple, get in touch today to book your next luxury chauffeured journey and you won’t regret it.

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Monday, 23 January 2017

The Benefits of Hiring a Corporate Limousine Service for Your Upcoming NYC Business Events

The business industry is a fast tracked, competitive, and ever-changing world that requires companies to have a leading edge on offering the most desirable options when it comes to client services. Corporate executives spare no expense when delivering the best in the business for their clients. And many companies treat their employees with the same advantages that they provide their clients, by offering the best in the business when it comes to high powered executives and experienced industry partners. For this reason, having a qualified and professional limousine service NYC on hand for transportation needs, during events, is one thing that most corporate businesses look to offer to their clients, employees, and business partners.

Time Management

Time is one of the most sought after elements of life, especially in the business world. Hiring a corporate limousine service is one of the easiest ways to save time and ensure that your clients and business partners arrive safely to their meetings or events. Since businessmen and women spend most of their time in transit, finding a way to eliminate or reduce the stressful parts of travel can be beneficial, especially to high powered executives. A qualified corporate luxury limousine service will keep on top of event schedules, ensuring that guest speakers, VIPs, and clients arrive without delay. In fact, not only will your clients arrive on time, they will not have to wait for a vehicle when arriving to the airport.


Many guest speakers, business partners, and VIPs travel by air on the same day they are scheduled to attend meetings and events, sometimes even landing their plane within hours of the start of their commitment. For this reason, hiring a corporate limo service NYC is a way to say thank you to your clients and guests. Not only does this give them a chance to sit back and relax, they are able to focus on getting themselves prepared for the work that lies ahead. Giving them a chance to feel rested and refreshed is a great way to boost morale while bringing a greater quality of work to your event. Without having to worry about time, corporate business individuals are able to improve their focus when it comes to their work.


There is no greater commitment to your partners and clients than paying attention to their needs and committing to providing them with a level of excellence that they deserve while doing business with you. By going out of your way, you set a higher standard of commitment to those who are involved with your company. When competing in the business world, it is important to make the best impression. For potential clients on the edge of commitment to your business, exuding an air of importance can be one way to seal the deal! And arriving to events with class is a great way to make an impression on those in attendance, as you convey a message of importance when arriving to your event.

Whether hiring a corporate limousine service for yourself, your clients, or your business partners, the benefits are endless. Travel across the country, or even around the world, with convenience, safety, and ease. Eliminate the stress of traveling in a foreign territory, trying to beat traffic, and arriving on time by letting a professional chauffeur do all the work for you. As someone who works hard, you deserve to relax, rest, and focus on the more important parts of your job-like showing all you have to offer the business world when it’s time to start your event. Bermuda Limousine has been serving clients for 75 years as one of the leading providers in NYC corporate limo service.